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Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Industry and Commerce Aachen (IHK Aachen)
The Aachen Chamber acts as a critical partner in political and administrative issues, as an independent practicing lawyer in the market and as a customer-oriented service provider for companies. As a decisive promoter of the Aachen economic region, it is concerned with improving commercial framework conditions and building up the competitive competence of the local economy.

A further important function lies in the performance of duties such as holding exam i-nations, calling in experts, monitoring cartel law and issuing foreign trade documents.

Finally, the chamber offers its members concrete company-based services such as information about new legislation and developments, advice about starting up and safeguarding companies, arranging cooperation, foreign trade information, innovation and technology transfer as well as further training and seminar events.

Contact Person
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Wendland
Phone +49 241 8906-272
Industrie und Handelskammer Aachen IHK
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