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Solar Technology

Scanner-based Soldering of Solar Cells by Simultaneous Energy Input
Laser processes offer a large potential to meet the market driven demands for new solar cell concepts, a significant increase in efficiency and highly productive processes for solar cell and module manufacturing.

Due to the decreasing thickness of silicon solar cells below 200?m contactless joining processes for module production are required. A suitable technique for the electrical contacting of solar cells is laser-beam soldering, due to the low and locally restricted energy input involved. By selecting suitable solders, the joining temperature can be reduced to a minimum, and thanks to the non-contact process, the solar cells are not subjected to mechanical stress, unlike with conventionally used bowtype electrodes. To optimize energy input a processing optics consisting of two galvanometric scanners and one diode laser has been realized and is presented. The radiation of the single laser source is divided into two beam paths. By means of this front- and backside of the solar cell can be soldered at the same time thus leading to less energy consumption.

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