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EdgeWave GmbH – Innovative Laser Solutions

EdgeWave GmbH – Innovative Laser Solutions

EdgeWave is a provider of highly innovative INNOSLAB laser sources. INNOSLAB lasers are characterized by high flexibility in beam profile: from circular beam profile, through line shaped one dimensional Top-Hat, to two dimensional Top-Hat with square cross section and by their outstanding features: high beam quality M2 < 2, high pulse repetition rate (up to 150 kHz), short pulse length 12 ns at 100 kHz, high pulse energy (up to 60 mJ) and high average power (up to 600 W). INNOSLAB lasers with tailored beams profiles are flexible tools for an immense variety of applications. The INNOSLAB lasers with circular Gaussian beam profile are well suited for precision machining micro features in all types of materials. Their short pulse length results in a minimal heat-affected zone. Typical applications are drilling of solar wafers and processing of glass at high speed.

The line shaped top-hat INNOSLAB lasers are the ideal sources for large area ablation of thin layers in photovoltaic and in car industry and for annealing to generate thin micro crystalline layers in display industry. In combination of their short pulse length (< 10 ns) and high repetition rate (up to 20 kHz) frequency doubled and tripled INNOSLAB lasers are the most efficient laser sources for pumping of dye lasers which are used for example in high speed laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy (LIF).

The INNOSLAB lasers with square Top-Hat beam profile are especially favourable for structuring and ablation of conduction layers or dielectric layers for production of thin film solar cells, crystalline solar cells and flat display panels, etc. Their Top-Hat beam profile and short pulse length guarantee homogeneous ablation without beam overlap, highly efficient use of pulse energy and low thermal damage of substrates.

EdgeWave GmbH – Innovative Laser Solutions
Schumanstr. 18 B
52146 Wuerselen
Phone +49 2405 4186-0
Fax +49 2405 4186-33

Your Contact Person at the AKL’08
Dr. Keming Du
Phone +49 2405 4186-0

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