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EOLITE Systems - High-Power IR, Green & UV Fiberlasers

EOLITE Systems - High-Power IR, Green & UV Fiberlasers

Since 2004 EOLITE Systems develops and manufactures high-power pulsed fiber lasers based on photonic crystal fibers. EOLITE´s team of scientists and engineers with broad experience in lasers & optics are the pioneers in developing the innovative fiber structure into 24/7 industrial reliable laser solutions.

The diode-pumped fiberlaser products feature wavenlengths like IR, Green, UV and convince through high average power (up to 300W), short ns pulses (down to 10ns), high peak power (>200kW), high repetition rates (>600kHz), excellent beam quality (M2=1.1) and ultra-stable beam pointing stability (<10?rad).

These features and more make the EOLITE pulsed fiber laser a perfect tool for many applications in Photovoltaics, Semiconductor, Defence, Medicine and Science.

Typical applications are drilling, cutting, engraving, marking, scribing, trimming, dicing and many more.

EOLITE´s fiberlasers are easy to integrate and simple to operate. Various control options like Profibus, RS232 or Ethernet make the laser solution future-safe. The laser devices are insensitive against back reflections and thus require no isolator. Additionally due to the long-life time pump-diodes no active or DI water cooling for the system is necessary.

Fiberlasers are the most efficient solid-state lasers and offer users new applications, new markets and a fast return of investment.

EOLITE with its headquarters in Bordeaux, France and its subsidiaries in Europe (Germany), US and Asia is the ideal partner with many services like beam shaping solutions or integration services for innovative laser companies worldwide.

For more information and details we look forward to seeing you at our AKL´10 booth

EOLITE Systems Deutschland
Wittener Str. 316
44577 Castrop-Rauxel, Germany
Phone +49 2305 6953-496
Fax +49 2305 6953-519

Your Contact Person at the AKL´10
Franco Felice
Phone +49 2305 6953-496

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