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Cambridge Technology

Cambridge Technology

Cambridge Technology Inc. is the market leader in closed-loop, galvanometer based optical scanning components, servos, controllers, scan heads and scanning subsystems providing superior performance in a wide variety of applications including laser marking, engraving, drilling, machining, biomedical, ophthalmology, DNA sequencing, confocal microscopy, laser projection, and any application where laser beam steering is required.

General Scanning Solutions leverages the world's best scanning components into application-specific scanning solutions with superior turnkey performance for high power applications like Cutting, Welding, Scribing and any application where very high accuracy and low drift of the system is required like in laser systems for photovoltaik, stereolitography and semiconductor.

Cambridge Technology Europe
Münchener Strasse 2a
82152 Planegg, Germany
Phone +49 89 31707-0
Fax +49 89 31707-250

Your Contact Person at the AKL´10
Robert Zopf
Phone +49 170 3370741

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