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High Q Laser Innovation GmbH

High Q Laser Innovation GmbH

High Q Laser develops, manufactures and distributes a complete range of solid-state pico- and femtosecond oscillators and amplifiers.

High Q Laser was established in 1999 by Dr. Daniel Kopf. To this day, this financially independent company remains under family ownership. Lasting growth defines the evolution of the company.

Along with research and development, laser manufacture is the second pillar of strength for the company. Laser production is carried out in ISO 5 (100) clean rooms subject to the relevant quality norms where by the end of 2010 almost 1000 laser systems will be installed worldwide.

A strong After Sales Service represents the third success factor for the company.

This unique combination of features, has led to the company’s position as Europes leading manufacturer in the ultra-short pulse market, and as a strong, worldwide leading partner for customers.

70 highly qualified and motivated employees ensure that High Q Laser is one of the market leaders in all its principle markets: Nano and micro technology, science and life science, research and imaging.

The High Q Laser product range comprises four different laser series:

  • Compact, all-diode-pumped, solid state femto- & picosecond-oscillators and
  • Regenerative amplifier systems (up to 50W)
  • Cavity-dumped systems
  • Tunable systems by utilizing OPO and NOPA technology

All laser systems are based on the unique techniques of direct diode-pumping with User Replicable Diode Modules (UDRMs) and semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) mode locking. The High Q Laser technology inherently leads to exceptional high temporal and spatial stability in a TEM00 beam profile.

High Q Laser Innovation GmbH
Feldgut 9
6830 Rankweil, Austria
Phone +43 5522 82646
Fax +43 5522 82646-800

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