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Leister Technologies GmbH

Leister Technologies GmbH

Leister delivers Performances.
Wherever you need to apply heat, Leister provides the ideal solution. We have been the worldwide leader in the field of plastic welding and hot-air blowers for over60 years. For several years now we have also been offering innovative and effective laser systems and microsystems. We develop and produce all of our products in Switzerland - so you can always rely on the proverbial Leister quality. And because 98% of our production is exported, therefore, we have established a dense network of service centers throughout the world - guaranteeing excellent service anytime and anywhere.

Plastic Welding
We have remained the worldwide market leader in this field for decades. The performance and reliability of our products make us the first choice for welding machines for plastic processing. Leister products are used in roof sealing systems, floor coverings, plastic sheeting, earthworks, hydraulic and tunnel engineering, process equipment manufacturing and for vehicle repair.

Process Heat
Hot air is increasingly deployed in industrial processes, whether for activation, heating, curing, melting, shrinking, welding, sterilization, drying or warming. Certainly, Leister is the preferred choice. Our customers profit from our extensive engineering knowledge and our advice in the conceptual design of hot-air applications.

Our innovative solutions for precision plastic welding open up new manufacturing methods. Laser systems are used in automobile production, medical and sensor assembly, micro-systems technology or for soldering electronic components. As the technological leader, Leister possesses the knowledge, methods, and patented concepts, which are perfectly suited to fulfil specific customer requirements.

In today's world the smallest structures play a huge roll. To keep our customers ahead of the field in the future, we are developing and producing micromechanical sensors and micro-optical components in our clean rooms today.

Leister Process Technologies is an ISO 9001 certified enterprise.

Leister Process Technologies
Galileo-Strasse 10
6056 Kägiswil, Switzerland
Phone +41 41 662 7474
Fax +41 41 662 7416

Your Contact Person at the AKL´10
Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Thielen
Phone +49 241 8906 152

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