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LUMERA LASER is the world leader in development and manufacturing of picosecond-laser systems.
LUMERA LASER was the first to demonstrate industrially packaged picosecond lasers and has been the acknowledged market dominator in this technology. Picosecond lasers have become the key technology to obtain the highest quality micromachining without thermal side effects.
In 2009 LUMERA LASER introduced significantly improved specifications for the RAPIDTM series of ps-lasers and reduced system prices. Additionally, LUMERA LASER released the BLAZETM, an advanced high power ns-laser.

The BLAZETM comes in an industry-approved form factor for plug and play integration into already existing micromachining systems. This industrial ns-laser allows for a new level of productivity (power) in such industrial applications as edge isolation of solar cells or cutting and drilling of PCBs and wafers. Through its new SpotLockTM technology, which allows yet unprecedented beam pointing stability, the BLAZETM system improves process stability and yield.

LUMERA LASER is ISO certified, has a strong IP position, and has become part of the $3B high tech holding ATON GmbH since August 2008. The LUMERA LASER team of about 60 qualified professionals concentrates on product development, manufacture of lasers with industrial reliability, and global 24/7 service and OEM support. LUMERA LASER offers the services of an experienced application lab for proof-of-principle and process development. Additionally, a job shop offers to bridge delivery time and support for ramping up production to large scale quantities.

Opelstrasse 10
67661 Kaiserslautern, Germany
Phone +49 6301 703-180
Fax +49 6301 703-189

Your Contact Person at the AKL´10
Dr. Dirk Müller
Phone +49 6301 703-454

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