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PhotonAix e.V.

PhotonAix e.V.

Aachen-based PhotonAix and eight other regional competence networks in the field of optical technologies are concentrating the skills of their more than 400 members from research and industry with the mutual goal of promoting optical technologies in their respective regions.

These networks represent the full range of optical technologies »Made in Germany«, from laser-based materials processing and biophotonics to transportation and aerospace applications. They are primarily engaged in providing services such as technology management, start-up consulting, regional technology and industry marketing, quality training and education initiatives, and fostering communications within the network. The regional concentration of expertise leads to practical, real-time problem resolution and an accelerated transfer of research results into market-ready products.

Besides participating at Photonics West in San Jose, Optatec in Frankfurt and LASER in Munich as a joint exhibitor with the other German competence networks for optical technologies, major activities were the Photonics21 European technology platform and the formation of the North Rhine-Westphalian initiative NRW-Photonics. The objective of the Photonics21 technology platform is to further strengthen Europe’s leading role in the field of optical technologies and to coordinate joint research and development activities. Together with seven additional networks PhotonAix was assigned by North Rhine-Westphalian state government to built up the state cluster »NanoMikro + Werkstoffe«.

PhotonAix e. V.
Steinbachstr. 15
52074 Aachen, Germany
Phone +49 241 8906-352
Fax +49 241 8906-121

Your Contact Person at the AKL´10
Christian Hinke
Phone +49 241 8906-352

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