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Synova SA

Synova SA

Synova is a manufacturer of cutting-edge laser systems for the semiconductor, electronic, automotive, energy, flat panel display (FPD) and medical industries. Through its proprietary Laser MicroJet® (water jet-guided laser) technology, it enables accuracy, speed, and flexibility improvements in numerous manufacturing processes, and paves the way for a considerable amount of new applications in the domain of sensitive material processing.

The Laser MicroJet® is a revolutionary hybrid cutting process combining a laser beam and a water jet, where a hair-thin water jet guides the laser beam on to the wafer. Contrary to standard cutting methods, the Laser MicroJet® uses the water jet to cool the material surface for optimal protection against thermal damage. At the same time, water is used to create a natural layer of protection to prevent deposition or contamination. Both of these surface protection features offer significant improvements to standard cutting processes that boost device yields. In addition to consistently demonstrating superior quality results, the Laser MicroJet® is a highly reliable, maintenance-free cutting technology, which does not wear or need replacement like traditional blade methods.

Synova SA
Chemin de la Dent d´Oche
1024 Ecublens, Switzerland
Phone +41 21 6943500
Fax +41 21 6943501

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