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Clean air, high performance

ULT AG is a producer of extraction and filtration systems for environmental and health protection. The range of products is designed for application in all branches of industry, trade, training and research. Besides the standard equipment, ULT AG develops and manufactures special-purpose systems for specific applications and equipment in high-grade steel construction and fitted with explosion-proof-fans.

ULT - extraction and filter systems are used for cleaning the air directly at the workplace. The wide range of harmful airborne contaminants like dust particles, aerosols and gases is captured at the source and removed reliably using superior filter technology.

High reliability, low noise level, compact design and operating safety are the characteristics of the ULT products. Continuous investments in technical development and new buildings as well as the close co-operation with research institutes (Fraunhofer, ILK) and universities guarantee our high level of innovative technology and state of the art products.

The main focus of our product development lies in the safe handling and filtration of contaminants generated during laser applications. The LAS modular system has been developed to meet these requirements. With cost-efficient modular solutions, users can benefit from an initial set of equipment that can be supplemented later without any problem. The amount and composition of laser smoke are an important criteria for the selection of the air extraction and filtration system. ULT AG offers extensive consulting on the use and adjustment of the systems.

During laser applications like structuring, cutting, marking, welding or sintering the ULT extraction and filtration units protect the staff, the laser systems and the product.

The international and local sales net of ULT provides worldwide competent consulting service.
Well-known technology leaders in the laser sector complement their units with components of ULT AG.

Am Göpelteich 1
02708 Löbau, Germany
Phone +49 3585 4128-0
Fax +49 3585 4128-11

Your Contact Person at the AKL´10
Wolfgang Richter
Phone +49 3585 4128-0

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